Subsoil in numbers


According to the State balance of mineral reserves in Ukraine has a fairly significant proven reserves and probable reserves of oil and gas. 
Reserves and prospective resources of oil, gas condensate, free and dissolved gas are taken into account in the amount of more than 2.2 billion. Tons of oil equivalent (notional unit hydrocarbon reserves and resources), including commercial reserves - 1.2 billion. Tons of oil equivalent. 
Fund identified promising structures for oil and gas in Ukraine 01.01.2013 allows for 402 units. Reserve Fund prepared for exploratory drilling structures in Ukraine is 147 unit. 
In 2012, the Fund entered into prepared 27 oil and gas properties, with a total area of ​​254.19 km2. At present, Ukraine's economy is too overloaded with energy-intensive industries in industrial production. Meet the needs of the economy, reducing the dependence on imports, possibly by increasing the domestic production of oil and gas. The main directions of the increase is the stabilization and gradual increase in gas oil i due to the introduction of new facilities and enhanced recovery from existing fields. 
Within the framework of a unified information system of subsoil use are information systems and related databases: 
State cadastre of deposits and occurrences of minerals, waste deposits; 
State Water Cadastre (groundwater); 
State balance of mineral reserves; 
State registration of geological exploration of mineral resources; 
Of geological and geophysical knowledge of the Ukraine; 
Special permits for exploration and use of mineral resources; 
Applications for special permits for exploration and use of mineral resources; 
Licenses for activities; 
Geological reports stored in the Fund; 
Sales of geological information; 
Directories as the mineral resource base of building materials; 
Geological ensure government data-processing system for emergency situations; 
Monitoring of exogenous geological processes; 
Oil and gas wells; 
Reserve and prospective areas of coal deposits; 
Organizational, technical and economic information 
Currently, the database contains data on more than 50,000 geological objects (fields, areas, mines, horizons, wells, geological hazards, etc.) for the 1996-2013 period. 
Database objects are described by parameters, the total number of which is close to 10,000. 
On the basis of the database created a geographic information system, which has built more than 100 digital maps.