Who fed by the bowels of Ukraine

Who produces oil and gas in our country. Public companies and large private business.
After the revolution, the openness of the Ukrainian government has reached the point that "the State Geological Information Fund of Ukraine" published on your page list of all the companies that have special permission for the development of mineral resources in the country. A list of relevant as of August 2014. Among the owners of licenses for oil and gas, which gives the State Service of Geology and subsoil (Gosgeonedra), we counted 108 individual companies. The first part 70 of publishing them. Companies are ranked on the number of valid licenses.
State mining
20 enterprises with permission, wholly or partly owned by the government. The largest of them - the gas company "Ukrgazvydobutok" (GWL) ("Ukrgasdobycha" - Russian.). It owns 145 special permits. In 2013, the company produced 15.1 billion cubic meters of gas. In the next two years the company plans to increase production 16 billion. The gas GWL provide domestic needs of the population, and the prices are regulated by the state. The company has repeatedly stated that the price at which it sells fuel - is lower than the cost of production. The biggest oil company "Ukrnafta" owns about 90 special permits for extraction hydrocarbons. The great bulk of them - for oil production.
Controlling stake in the company through "Naftogaz of Ukraine" belongs to the state. Despite this, the company controls a minority shareholder - the group "Privat" Igor Kolomoisky and Gennady Bogolyubov. Operational control of the company allowed the "Private" for three years to prevent the adoption decision on the payment of dividends to the state budget. Latest payments the company made in 2011. Then, the state received from the company 793 million UAH. At the end of 2013th the amount of retained earnings "Ukrnafta" amounted to nearly 2.6 billion USD.
In addition, "Ukrnafta" is fighting with the government for the right not to give the produced gas for the needs of the population in order to resell it to industrial enterprises. In particular, the production of nitrogen fertilizers on "Dniproazot" Kolomoisky. Income "Ukrnafta" in 2013 amounted to 20.2 billion USD, net profit - 190 million. For comparison: in 2012, the profit of the company stood at 1.43 billion USD.
Another major production asset - the company "Chernomorneftegaz" (CHNG), whose shares are owned by "Naftogaz". The company has 17 permits for the development of the areas in the Crimea and in the Kherson region, produces about 2 billion cubic meters of gas a year, its revenue in 2013 amounted to 1.3 billion USD. After the annexation of the Crimea by Russia CHNG Ukraine away, despite the fact that the money was given to its development, "Naftogaz" and the Ukrainian budget.
Also a key state-owned assets is NAK "Nadra of Ukraine" ("Nadra of Ukraine" - Russian.). The Company and its subsidiaries have 40 special permits. Its total revenue in 2013 amounted to 219 million USD. It is the "Nadra Ukraine" is engaged in attracting investments in oil - and gas industry. Another 9 has special permits state gas monopoly "Naftogaz of Ukraine", but production is not its primary activity.
Himself Zlochevskiy
Nicholas Zlochevskiy long time worked in government agencies responsible for issuing licenses for the development of mineral resources. He was chairman of the State Committee of Natural Resources under Viktor Yushchenko and Minister of Environment under Viktor Yanukovych. Zlochevskiy companies owns 25 special permits for hydrocarbon production. In particular, "Paris" and "Esko-North" - seven permits, "the First Ukrainian Petroleum Company" - four, three more - in "Krymtopenergoservis" in the Crimea, two permissions has "Tehnoresurs" one - "Nadragaz" and "Aldea Ukraine". All of these assets are recorded in the Cyprus company Zlochevskiy - Burisma Holdings Limited. Zlochevskiy Suspicions of corruption does not interfere with its successful business. The site (Burisma) "Burizmy» (Burisma - A) stated that holding a 25% market share gas production in Ukraine.
To improve its image and protection from accusations of opacity Zlochevskiy invited to his company for management positions famous people.
For example, the chairman of the board of directors Burisma - Alan Apter, an investment banker working in the company Merrill Lynch, Renaissance Capital, Troika Dialog and Morgan Stanley. Director Burisma: Aleksander Kwasniewski, President of Poland in 1995-2005, and Hunter Biden, son of Vice President Joe Biden.
Winner of the pipes
Companies oligarch Viktor Pinchuk, who was among the first to enter the private market in gas production, belongs to 17 special permits. By gas company "Geo Alliance" he owns 8 special permits. Today, they are made into separate companies. Another six (4 - 2 and gas - oil) - designed to LLC "East Geological Union". Two permits issued its PJSC "Prirodnі resources "(" Natural Resources "- Russian / - A). One solution to the gas production in the Luhansk region executed on the company Pinchuk "Oberon vugіllya" ("Oberon coal" - A). The total income of these assets in 2013 amounted to almost 2.3 billion USD.
Glamorous Gasovik
MP, owner of FC "Arsenal" Alexander Onishchenko owned gas company "Plast" with 6 special permit. He bought it in 2012 at the People's Deputy David Zhvania. In 2013, "Plast" produced 39.2 million cubic meters of gas a year before - 38.8 million cubic meters. Onishchenko owned two gas companies. In 2012, his "Gazkontinental" received a license to develop Fontanovskogo oil, gas and condensate field in the Crimea.
Company "Nadra Geocentre" from 2007 holds the license to develop Yulevskogo field in the Kharkiv region. Prior to this, the license owned by state-owned "Nadra Ukraine". But it was transferred to the then head of Edward Stawicki. While "Nadra Geocentre" associated with the very Stawicki. Onishchenko became the owner only in 2010. At the early parliamentary elections Onishchenko registered candidates for deputies to the single-seat district №93, which is located in the Kiev region (and the parliament passed - A).
In 2010, the Polish Kulczyk Oil rich Pole Jan Kulczyk acquired 70% of the gas company "Cube-gas." Another 30% will remain the property of the Canadian Cub Energy. According to the results of 2013 the company entered the top five largest private gas producers to increase production by 40%.
This year the company is unlikely to show such a trend. Its assets (5 special permits to mine) are located in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions. Because of the security risks the company in July announced the decommissioning of drilling in these areas. However, on October 2, she said the resumption of drilling in the Luhansk region. The biggest asset Cub Energy is a 30-percent stake in the company "Cube-Gas". Also, it owns the company: "Tisagaz" which has 4 special permit to mine in the Transcarpathian region, and "Tehnogazindustriya" with three resolutions in the Luhansk region. Despite the military operations in the Donbass, in the first half of the year the company reported an increase in revenues from mining. Cub Energy's largest shareholder is the businessman Mikhail Afendikov.
Family well
On the main gas producing assets Edward Slin'ko INSIDER already reported. "Interregional Gas Company" (CIM), which was established in 2011, has received five special permits for oil and gas production with the help of MP from PR Yefim Zviagilskiy. He gave this firm resolution, obtained his enterprise "Mine im.Zasyadko" from the government Mykola Azarov in 2010. The mine itself has 9 permits the production of hydrocarbons in the Luhansk and Kharkiv regions.
Slin'ko - Member of the Donetsk City Council, owner of the company "NEXT Group". From 2009 to 2012 headed the company Slin'ko "Assets Management Company" (IACS) - parent company in the business of Alexander Yanukovych, the eldest son of the former president.
However, the upstream assets manager Yanukovych not limited to one CIM. In September 2013 the company was founded Kiev "Gazoylinvest." In February, the company issued Gosgeonedra three special permit gas production in the Poltava region for 30 years. According to the State Register, "Gazoylinvest" registered in the Cyprus offshore Baybrook Limited. In Cyprus the registry indicates that this firm is owned by Anertelina Ventures with the British Virgin Islands and Cyprus SL Holdings, which owns directly Slin'ko.
Another company Slin'ko - "Reconstruction of technological wells" (RTS), registered in Kremennaya Luhansk region. It was established in 2005. Now owned by the already mentioned CIM and IGC Holding - another Cyprus offshore Slin'ko. In December 2011, RTS has received two special permit for oil production in the Luhansk region.
Hope Kolomoiskiy
"Poltava Petroleum Company" (PPC) - one of the largest among private. It owns six special permits for oil and gas production. Net income in 2013 amounted to 333.3 million USD. On revenue of 1.2 billion USD. PPC belongs to the British JKX Oil & Gas, whose shares are traded on the London Stock Exchange. Shareholders "Privat" Kolomoisky and Bogolyubov, who have long been fighting for control of it, about a third of the shares owned by the British company.
Other oil and gas assets "Private" - the company "Ukrnaftoburіnnya" ("Ukrnefteburenie"), which is developing Sakhalin deposit with reserves of 15 billion cubic meters of gas. In 2013, its profit amounted to 142 million UAH. When Yanukovych Kolomoysky gave 45% "Ukrnefteburenie" environment of the president and now trying to return. The first attempt was unsuccessful. According to LIGABusinessInform, lawyers "Privat" appealed to the economic court demanding the return of 45% of the company. According to them, it was necessary to give the "family" under pressure. Kiev Economic Court rejected arguments "privatovtsev" .
Energy from Prykarpattia
Lviv businessman Zinovii Kozitskii in the gas business since the beginning of zero. Wrote Forbes, Kozitskii started with joint projects with NAK "Nadra Ukraine". State-owned company engaged in exploration and drilling, and businessman provided the funding. Today, his company "Horizons", "Zahidnadraservis", "Ukrspetszamovlennya", "Geological Bureau" Lions "and" Carpathian Energy Company "owns 7 special permits for hydrocarbon production.
In 2013, the company "Horizons" received 10.4 million USD of net profit, "Geological Bureau" Lions "- 16.6 million USD. In addition the gas business, Kozitskii engaged and alternative energy. His company" Eco-Optima "implements projects on construction wind and solar power, small hydro power plants and installations producing power from biomass in the west of the country.
Tricky Director
Back in 1994 in Ivano-Frankivsk was a state-owned enterprise "Bogorodchanynaftogaz", which was engaged in oil and gas production. In 2011, it was headed by Yuri parsley - MP Ivano-Frankivsk city council from the "Front for Change" born in 1983.
In 2012, the new head of the reorganized. State-owned enterprise was transformed into a corporation, where the majority of the shares owned Bohorodchany derzhrayadministratsii. Then Petrushko created his own eponymous company - OOO "Bogorodchanynaftogaz" which headed. 25% stake in the company owned directly by Yu parsley. Another 50% holding a private enterprise "Auto-GazIB." It belongs to a resident of the village of Mary Ugorniki Berezhany, which, according to the state registry of individuals, for about 90 years.
In 2012 the newly formed company "Bogorodchanynaftogaz" received permission to 4 gas production in the Ivano-Frankivsk region. As of August 2014 the state company "Bogorodchanynaftogaz" no valid license to mine had.
Greetings from Vienna
A little-known company "Ukrіstgaz" owns three special permit for hydrocarbon production: two gas and one - oil. Permissions company received in 2013. "Kommersant-Ukraine" estimates its reserves of 1.5 billion cubic meters. At the end of 2013 "Ukrіstgaz "won the privatization tender for the sale of 75% stake in" Volynoblenergo. "In addition," Ukrіstgaz "controls Kharkiv CHP-5. In the past, revenues reached 870.4 million USD, loss - 14.4 million USD.
Official owner "Ukrіstgaza" is an Austrian Itons Holding GmbH. Forbes and LigaBiznesInform bind "Ukrіstgaz" Dmitry Firtash and Yuri Boyko. "Ukrіstgaz" - the successor of the liquidated company "Ukrnadraservice", which belonged to the trader Emfesz Firtash.
"Gazprom" in Volyn
"Gazinvest" in 2007 was 10 years, three special permit for oil production in the Ivano-Frankivsk and Volyn regions. 10% of the shares owned by Russian woman Elena Karasevich. It is a relative of Alexander Karasevich, general director of the Russian company "Gazprom Promgaz." Chairman of the Supervisory Board "Gazinvest "Bogdan Buzdulyak served on the board of" Gazprom "until 2008.
55% of the shares owned by Cyprus Besclavo Trading. Her owner is Crowmfark Business from Belize. Another 20% are owned by Turbogazinvest from Cyprus. Her final benefetsiarom - Grand Tech Company Ltd to Victoria Island and Mitteline Enterprises Inc from Belize. Turbogazinvest Limited Representation in Moscow, according to business directories, is engaged in the advertising business and orders a study of the advertising market in the media.
Gas Cooperative
"Azov Oil Company", according to its nominal owners - Cooperative for major Ukrainian businessmen. It was established in 2011 and is recorded on the company "Plast", which at that time David Zhvania was selling his colleague Onishchenko. In the following year was formed new pool owners. The largest share - 50% of the share capital - owned corporation Accord Management Inc from the offshore zone - Seychelles. Find the relationship of this company with Ukrainian businessmen failed.
The remaining 20% ​​is owned by offshore in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) Erlinda Venchaz ("Herlinda Venchaz Co., Ltd."), which binds to the publication Comments Kiev businessman Vasily Khmelnytsky. Another 20% of Nikoliya Investments ("Nicole Investments") with the BVI. This, together with the Cyprus offshore Burisma Holdings was the founder of "Naftogaz Guarantor" Nicholas Zlochevskiy.
And finally, the last 10% is owned by the fund ZNKVIF "Private Equity" .This society Nashі groshі associated with Edward Stawicki. The company has three special permit for gas production. One - in the Poltava region. Two more - on the shelf of the Azov Sea.
Unknown Cypriots
Company "Sistemoylinzhenering" was created in 2012. At the same time received permission to produce gas on Vodyanovskoy Square in Kharkiv region. The company belongs to the Cyprus offshore Diloretio Holdings, which, according to the Cypriot registry, have two unknown Cypriot. It belongs to another offshore company - "Naftogazopromislova geologіya "(" Neftegazopromyshlennaya geology. "She also was created in 2012.
In October 2013 she received a special permit to develop two oil fields in Poltava region. She moved to the use of sites Mateshivsko-Legeydovsky and Jordanian-Deynekovsky.
Akhmetov - "peacemaker"
Among the private mining companies is the most "Naftogazvidobuvannya" ("Naftegazdobycha"). The company in 1999 established the current President Poroshenko and lawmaker Mykola Rudkovsky. A few years later Poroshenko in the ownership structure of the enterprise replaced Nestor Shufrich. In 2012 and between Shufrych Rudkovsky there was a conflict, which resulted in the fact that both shareholders to sell their shares at half Rinat Akhmetov, who just kept an eye on the market of gas. (Director of the company Oleg Seminsky was abducted by unidentified body was never found, the criminal case "bury" the investigation - A).
The company is developing two gas-bearing area in the Poltava region. Special permits for the development of the field Semerenkovskogo she received in 2004. In June 2014 the company Akhmetov has received special permission to develop Machuhskoy area. Akhmetov also together with the Russian "Lukoil" belongs to the American company Vanco Prykerchenska, having a special permit for the development of the Black Sea shelf.
Enakievskiy friend
Kharkov Enterprise "Budmontazh Myronivka" was created in 2007. In 2011, it received approval for production of oil within the South Hrestischenskoy Square in Kharkiv region. Assets owned by "becoming" and fund ZNKVIF "New Technologies". Last - an investment company People's Deputy Yuri Ivanyushchenko and his partner Ivan Avramov. Through her business in control of their coal, construction, financial and energy assets. Another asset Ivanyushchenko-Abram - "Alba resources." It is registered in the company "Inter Office Limited" and the same ZNKVIF "New Technologies." In 2011, "Alba Resource" received permission to extract oil in the South Square Medvedev in Kharkiv region. Italian exporters
In 2010, the Italian Compagnia Generale Idrocarburi redeemed at Kozitskogo company "Ukrneftegazinvest" and "Truboplast" having one special permits in Ivano-Frankivsk and Lviv regions, respectively. The Italians also belongs PJSC "GazEnergo-Ukraine", which in 2013 announced its intention to export gas from Ukraine. On the realization of these plans is not known.
Vadim Novinsky
Company Vadim Novinsky have four special permit for gas production. Two of them belong to the British Regal Petroleum, whose shares are traded on the London Stock Exchange. This company is also an investment company A1, part of the "Alfa Group" Mikhail Fridman. One more special permit companies have "Ukrgasdobycha" and "Prom-product power." All three structures are combined in a management company "Smart Energy".
According to the company, the reserves of gas producing assets Novinskiy estimated at 39.7 billion cubic meters of natural gas and 4.5 million tons of condensate.