Geological map of Ukraine
Geological map demonstrates the geological structure of Ukraine including quarterly deposits. Geological structure of Ukraine is characterized by presence of various geological components, which are the result of a complex and continuous (over 3,8 billions) history of geological development. The geological map shows that these structures belong to the two main types of geological continental crust - platform and folded regions.
Tectonic map of Ukraine
Tectonic map demonstrates various types of tectonic structures of Ukraine, which have a longhistory (over 3,8 billion years). These structures belong to the two main geostructural types of continental bedrock: platform and componential. The two types of folded basement are distinguished in the platform areas: bedrock and platform cover. The first type, crystal bedrock, is represented by the Ukrainian shield which includes intensively located metamorphic and intrusive complexes of archeo-peleproterozoy
Geophysical map of Ukraine
The map of anomaly magnetic field demonstrates anomaly magnetic field of Ukraine which is reduced to a single level with the help of special supporting grid. A map is compiled based on the results of ground and aeromagnetic surveys. Homogeneous precision aeromagnetic survey enables comparing the nature of the magnetic fields at different geological regions and identifying general patterns in the distribution of anomalies in Ukraine...
Geological landmarks of Ukraine
People all over the world demonstrate understanding of preservation of natural phenomena, which allow understanding and decoding the Earth history. Relevant landmarks are being explored preserved, and protected. In Ukraine, the study of geological landmarks also has its history. Creation, compilation, analysis of the geological landmarks database of Ukraine became one of the main activities in UkrSGRI. Currently the database consists of 642 objects, which constitute value and are of interest in terms of geological heritage of Ukraine