Photo Gallery >>> Round table "Who for whom competitor in the gas market of Ukraine", January 22, 2016

Despite the entry into force of the new Law of Ukraine "On the natural gas market", the market itself is still very far from liberalization. Monopoly "Naftogaz Ukraine" in the supply of natural gas is still, and independent traders do not feel optimistic in the short term. Subordinate acts do not solve some key issues related to the functioning of the gas market. But the new rules are implemented is still too slow. To remedy the situation, the government and the regulator (NKREKP) should eliminate gaps in the secondary gas law, but in terms of "Naftogaz" - on a competitive basis to independent traders to access the resources available to him. These conclusions were members of the "round table" on "The development of competition in the natural gas market in Ukraine: What will consumers monopolization" Naftogaz Ukraine "and the regional gas?", Organized and conducted analytical publication Hubs.



Photo Gallery >>> 5th Annual Ukrainian Energy Forum (23 - 26 June 2014) Day II. session 6

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