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In 2015, "Uzbekneftegaz" and foreign investors will start projects worth $ 7.1 billion

April 07, 2015
National Holding Company (NHC) "Uzbekneftegaz" and foreign investors in 2015 will start projects worth 7.1 billion dollars. This is stated in the government program of the country, according to "RIA Novosti". The program includes 39 projects on modernization, technical and technological renewal of production of oil and gas industry. In the structure of sources of capital investments of the total investments, foreign investments and loans amounted to 5.1 billion dollars, own funds - 1.14 billion dollars loan from the Fund for Reconstruction and Development of Uzbekistan - 543.8 million dollars, Uzbek banks - 313.7 million dollars.
In particular, the Russian NC "LUKOIL" in the current year will begin the active phase of the project for the construction of a gas processing plant (GPP) and everything Kandim group of fields in the Bukhara region worth 2.66 billion dollars. GPP capacity 8.1 billion cubic meters. m. of gas per year to be built in 2019. National Holding Company (NHC) "Uzbekneftegaz" and China's CNPC will begin construction of the fourth line of the Uzbek section of the pipeline "Central Asia-China" total cost of 800 million dollars. Pipeline capacity of 20 billion cubic meters. m. of gas expected to be commissioned in 2017.
South Korean IRED Co. ltd in the current year will prepare a technical solution to expand the capacity of Shurtan Gas Chemical Complex (MCC) in Kashkadarya region. The project worth 570 mlndollarov provides development by 2020 production of 1,4-butanediol from natural gas and methanol. Power "Uzbekneftegaz", control activities in the oil and gas industry of the country, allows the production of natural gas in the amount of 70 billion cubic meters. meters and liquid hydrocarbons in the amount of 8 million tons per year. Earlier it was reported that "Uzbekneftegaz" in 2015, will increase investment in the development and modernization of the sector by 12% compared to 2014 year to 2.973 billion dollars. In particular, the joint venture Uz-Kor Gas Chemical, which includes "Uzbekneftegaz" and the South Korean consortium led by Kogas, complete the construction of Ustyurt Gas Chemical Complex in northwestern Uzbekistan worth 4.1 billion dollars.
In 2014, Uzbekistan twice there was an acute shortage of fuel at the gas station - in August and October. The total capacity of the three refineries of the republic - Bukhara, Fergana and Altiarik - currently stands at 11.12 million tons. But the processing plants are loaded on the strength of 60%, including due to the depletion of existing oil and gas condensate (only in 2013, oil production fell by 7.1% to 2.9 million tons).
In June, the Uzbek government announced the program to revive the refinery in the country, which provides for the reduction of production costs, reduction of accounts receivable of consumers, as well as an increase in production due to imports of raw materials.
By "RIA Novosti".
April 7, 2015