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The United States expect the reduction of the growth of shale oil

April 14, 2015
Shale boom in the US, because of which oil production reached record levels over the past 40 years, continues unabated. Oil hardwood on large fields decline in May 57 th. Barrels per day. Office of Energy Information (EIA) predicts US production decline for the first time since the beginning of the publication of these monthly reports in 2013.
Analysts Deutsche Bank AG, Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and IHS Inc. The expected end of production growth in the US, at least for some time, due to lower oil prices to nearly six-year low. Collapse of quotations has led to suspension of drilling rigs half of the country and the reduction of thousands of jobs in the industry. A break in the rapid growth of oil production is needed to reduce the excess raw materials and stabilization of global markets, says Goldman.
"Falling off a cliff inevitable" because of the reduction in the number of drilling, says the head of the oil and gas department of Frost & Sullivan LP Larry Charles. "The question is how rapid will be this fall. If it is rapid and deep, you can expect a significant jump in prices, "- he added.
Oil production in the US will decline against the backdrop of increasing the volume of oil refining after the seasonal preventive maintenance at US refineries, which will also reduce the most serious since 1930, excess supply of raw materials.
Reduction of oil reserves in the country should ease the situation on the market, post-collapse of quotations by more than $ 50 a barrel since last June.
April 14, 2015