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Israel and Lebanon to resume talks on gas field

July 13, 2015
Restores talks aimed at resolving maritime border dispute between Lebanon and Israel, reports Natural Gas Europe. Lebanon and Israel are placing their rights to 850 square meters. km Carisch the region of the Mediterranean, where a large deposit of natural gas. The Lebanese government has for a long time can not address the issue of gas production in this field because of internal political differences. Thus Lebanon fears that while he hesitates, Israel can begin to develop. In this regard, the Lebanese authorities have warned that any Israeli attempt to steal gas will lead to a confrontation between the two countries until the declaration of war.
While the Government of Lebanon is preparing to begin the licensing field. To date, Lebanon was able to attract the attention of major oil and gas companies that have expressed interest in the disputed waters. Operators want to be deposits of 46 companies, including Chevron, ExonnMobil, ENI, Shell, Statoil and TOTAL.
Too late out of Lebanon in the natural gas market, most likely, will not allow him to take a significant share of the regional market, experts say. At the same time, Israel aims to become a major player in it, although domestic political strife and detained the launch of its largest fields. Currently Tel Aviv are negotiating over gas exports from Egypt and Jordan.
Given these facts, identifying Israel, a small natural gas fields near the disputed territory caused the Lebanese government fears that Israel may encroach on the exclusive economic zone of Lebanon.
Resolution of the conflict - the only way for the two countries to ensure that begin to fully exploit their marine deposits, as no company will investigate the disputed zone. It is worth noting that Israel has not signed the UN Convention on Law of the Sea 1982, which could complicate negotiations. In this connection, will participate in the talks, the UN and the US State Department.
July 13, 2015
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